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Still They Ride

Jesse rides through the night Under the main street light Ridin’ slow

This ol’ town, ain’t the same Now nobody knows his name Times have changed, still he rides.

Traffic lights, keepin’ time Leading the wild and restless Through the night

Still they ride, on wheels of fire They rule the night Still they ride, the strong will survive Chasing thunder

Spinning ’round, in a spell It’s hard to leave this carrousel ’round and ’round And ’round and ’round


Life is happening all around us everyday, whether we are present or not.  Whether we are all in, partially in, or completely checked out.  We can either do what we might say is our best, or we can really, truly be the person we want to be.  I posted a saying earlier this week on FB that got me thinking, and still has me thinking: “Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, the Devil says “oh crap, she’s up.”

Being that woman is work.  Real work.  It’s being selfless and knowing that the good things you are doing make a difference in the world regardless if anyone notices.  It’s keeping negative thoughts out of your head, so that they don’t slip out and you end up sharing them or having any of the moments where you wish you could take it back.  It’s never blaming others for your problems, or your behavior.  It’s taking a problem, tackling it, and making it a triumph.  It’s admitting when you were wrong.  It’s loving others even when they are doing everything they can to be unlovable.  It’s being the bigger person, in every situation.  It’s taking time to make a difference in a child’s life.  It’s smiling at the person in the grocery store who looks like they could kill the next person that even speaks to them.  It’s the big things, and the little things.  It’s everything.

Each day life keeps happening around us, and I will keep working to make this life the best life for me and all the people around me….its the only life I have,  and I promise to work hard to piss off the Devil at least once, every single day!

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