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Back to it.

Time to get back to it.  Took a little vacation, and also, to be honest, stopped scheduling time to work on “LizRedesigned”.  However, we did get the photo shoot completed and the start of the website.  I just really feel like I gotta get moving faster though.  I have five or so Jewelry Doors ready to go, so I could get pictures of those…but I think I need more of a selection when they go for sale.  I have figured out some other things this past couple weeks as well, which keeps me moving forward, such as what other art work I will be more marketable, what else is out there, what people are currently looking for, and what they are not.

So as of today, I will start scheduling the time to work on my art and when I will work like I am “at” work.  My goal is to get the website up by the 20th of this month.  I hope to get a few more pieces done in the meantime.  Today, normal work though, which is consulting work, which I am still calling normal work.  I should start calling work on “LizRedesigned” normal work, and the other something else.  Consulting work is still paying the bills though, for now.

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