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Someday soon….

Someday soon, someday soon. Seasons were made for the change. You will be there. Just like the night to the day without a care. The dark goes before the dawn. Open up your eyes.

Someday soon Ooo, there’ll be a better day. And someday soon, Yes, it’s not too far away.

Someday soon Oo yeah, with open skies, And someday soon. All we can do is try.

The cloudest day comes around, You will be there. All of the feelin’s you’ve found, without a care. So my friends, you take a look. Don’t you look too far.

Someday soon Oo yeah, with open skies, And someday soon. All we can do is try.

“Someday I will be a powerful corporate executive with a plush office in a high rise building, and I will be looking out the window at the city while working out on my stairmaster, and my assistant hands me a water bottle and tells me what my schedule is for the day. Someday, I will be that successful.”   HA!  I wished for that as a teenager, really.  I now know that that is not success.  But what is it then?  I can define it for myself, clearly.

My Someday is now, but the wish is different.  I want to be the opposite of that corporate executive….”Someday I will wake everyday without an alarm clock, I will throw on whatever baseball cap and jeans I can find, I will drink great coffee while I watch the news  and make breakfast for my kids, and then spend the rest of the day planning and creating artistic projects that bring just as much joy to others as they do me.”  This is how I will define success now.

Someday starts now, and all I can do is try.

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