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Running out of Journey songs…

Ya, so I figured that I was going to run  low on songs that worked for my subject matter.  All that are left are sapping songs about long lost loves…so, what to do?  I guess I will have to find a new artist to use, maybe Alanis Morissette? Her songs might be a bit too angry, ha!  Suggestions?

Not much to write about, other than I am now waking up and not being to go back to sleep, which is a normal cyclical thing for me, but the interesting part is that the subject matter that keeps my brain working is not work work, but my new work. The other night I had visions of my own warehouse storefront, with a shop built just for me, and a small little office and counter for customers to  the side.  It had a big sign hanging on the front from a decorative bracket: “Liz Redesigned, Art From Reclaimed Material and a Reclaimed Life”, along with hanging flower baskets on either side.  Is this my ultimate vision? I think maybe it is….what happens inside? Aside from my building projects? Art classes and community projects are on the list…with plenty of room for more.  The joy of this process is that the pathway can be altered, and the outcome will still be the same as long as I stay true to myself as an artist, and keep my eye on the goal.

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