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Of a Lifetime

Of a Lifetime

The mist is slowly lifting The sound of life misplaced your mind You’re sitting, spellbound thru out time I hope that you remember what you find Singin’ more of a lifetime

You put it down-all that I’m thinking But take a long and distant search, when all is right You take for granted You can’t look down but you’re no worse. Singin’ more of a lifetime

The countless visions that are drifting The silver dreams you hate to lose. There’s no harm, we’ve all been waiting. Well, keep your faith, do what you choose.

Singin’ more of a lifetime.


I choose to keep trying to live my creative life.  This last week was pretty busy for me with work, and my goal of certain days are client days and others are creative days didn’t quite go as planned.  When the days don’t go as planned its tough to keep your mind right, and get back on schedule at the next opportunity. During times when the day is a little rough, and things are going south, I lose perspective. I continue to talk myself through it though. The Serenity Prayer doesn’t do much for me as I still can’t figure out what I need to let go of. I choose to keep trying though, as that’s all I can do. I did get myself to the Rebuilding Center for a couple hours however, even though while there I got calls from two clients. But I kept smiling at everyone I saw there, and worked to not rush myself, and just enjoy rummaging through all the cool stuff there. Oh, and I finished my door art project, and I went to SCRAP yesterday and rummaged through stuff there too! So, right now, as I write this, and reflect, I don’t fee like the week was swallowed up by work after all! Feeling better!  Journaling works!

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