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More Music…

Today’s Journey song:


This song is an instrumental.

Ha ha….funny.  This made me laugh.  A good start to my day!

I am reminded of the Elvis song too…. “A little less conversation, and a little more action.  All this aggravation aint’t satisfactioning me.”

(Satisfactioning? is that a word?)

I am working to relax and live in the moment.  Its difficult to change your complete way of being.  I have always felt the best after I have accomplished some task, some project, some goal…..I love marking something off the list, getting something done, having a tangible thing to marvel over, and then I am high on that for….mmm, about a day or so, then its gone.  Then I am looking for my next fix, right away.  While working towards the next accomplishment, life gets in the way, and I don’t get the fix fast enough, and I am depressed, or angry, and at the time, don’t even know why.  When I reflect, I know why, but while I am in the moment I can’t see it.  So, since I know this is how I am, and I can’t change that (apparently),  I think changing the “accomplishment” or “goal” is what needs to happen.

I have decided on some mini goals that are simple, for example: Listening to more music.  Yesterday I turned on music and danced, by myself, around the house.  I danced while I put got ready for my day.  I cleaned a little and kept dancing….and it really was awesome.  Its a simple thing, but something that I don’t do often enough and it makes me happy.  I plan to do more of that today, and work it into my daily routine.

My personal improvement is more about getting back to the simple beauty of life.  Working to live life more passionately.  Getting to “simple” is actually difficult for me,  it requires a new mind set…and the best way to get there, I think, is baby steps.

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