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Good Morning Girl

Good Morning Girl 

Good morning girl, how you been? Good morning girl, is love within? I see your face every where. I see your smile your golden hair. I see your eyes shinin’ through. Those gentle eyes silver blue. Good morning girl, how you been? Good morning girl, is love within? Good morning girl, it’s been long. Good morning girl, to you this song. I sing it girl from the heart. I’ll sing it girl from the start. Good morning girl, how you been? Good morning girl is love within?

Weekend mornings are the best.  Today I say good morning to myself and work to keep love in my heart and the anger and frustration out.  While everyone is still sleeping here at my house, I am enjoying some morning news and yummy coffee.

I am working out all the ideas I have and how to make them a reality.  I am sure you have heard the saying “what would you do if you were not afraid?”  I am not afraid of taking my passions and making them into real tangible items, and to prove that if you do what you love, the money will come.

For years I have done art, in many forms, and loved it.  I few months ago, I was working from home because my daughter was sick.  I was dealing with two difficult client situations, and I had a headache and was feeling like I was coming down with whatever my daughter had.  I decided I needed a break and went to work on one of my projects.  This particular project was a refab coffee table, and I was painting a mosiak type design on the top.  I got my paints all set up, got my brushes and water, and started painting.  Within a couple minutes I stopped, and just stood there, frozen.  My headache was gone, my stomach was fine, I felt great.  Then I cried.  It was an epiphany of sorts. I realized at that very moment that the stress from my job was ruining me, well, I already knew that, but at this moment in time I KNEW without a doubt that I could not continue the live the same life (I am tearing up right now reliving this).

I began after that day to say to myself as often as I could “you can make a living doing art.”  I said this to myself knowing that somehow it would come to be.  I knew that my subconscious along with the universe would put the path in front of me at some point.  I also knew that it would present itself in ways that I would not be able to predict or even notice at first, but that I would need to be ready to react when the first pathway was set in front of me.

The first pathway is here, right now, and I am ready.

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