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Shining in the silver moon, Crystal ships are sailing to the sea. Dreams the joys of pearls and gold, And our angel’s wings in flight unfold. Fly, fly by my window, Flyin’ so free, yeah.

Yes, they fly, fly by my window. Yes, those bright diamonds a-once were stone, Rollin’ down a silver stream. Yes, those bright diamonds a-once were stone.

Sail on a silver wings of fire, Sailing dreams beyond the silver moon. In silver clouds that fly so high, Live the dreams you search, But can’t find.


I feel like am making good progress towards the life I was meant to live….or rather getting to know who that person is.  I am finding myself actually living in the moment here and there, without even trying.  That is REAL progress.  I have been running just about every day, and I think it is becoming a habit now, and something that I look forward to each day.  When I run I slow down, or stop, and look at things, mainly houses and their yards.  I smile at what others have done to make their yards enjoyable.  I smile as I know I can see the love and hard work someone has put into their yard.  I enjoy my run as I its my time, only me, alone with my music and my thoughts.

Today’s run was especially nice at this is the last day of the month, and I know that I am going to have more time next month to work on my new venture.  I am finishing up a client this week and will now have some real time to work on “Liz Redesigned”.  During the past few months working towards a truer version of myself has brought me to a stronger sense of what that means, and what I can do. It has also made me more confident in my ability to make it work.  I have many ideas, and know that if one doesn’t work, another will.  That the process of getting there is the part that is exciting.  Contentment is not in my nature.  Getting things done is in my nature, but it is also my downfall when I feel as if I am not getting enough done, and feel guilt from that. I am not sure I will ever get past that, so I celebrate my other little wins, however small they might be, that make me live in the moment.

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