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Watching the news in the morning is one of those things we feel we need to do, but it sucks.  The local news has been more than depressing.  This morning I turned it off and turned on the radio.  My husband came back from walking our daughter to school, grabbed me and we dance for almost an entire song.  Nicest way to start the day ever.

I notice that the newest thing on FB to do is repost a quote of some sort in which the font is fancy and bold, and their is some sort of picture in the background.  OK, I get it, I have done….its fun, some make you laugh, some make you think.  What if I started doing my own quotes:  How about “Smile today and be nice! Its better than being mean.”  or, “Not all people suck, some of us are really trying.”   Are those lame?  Can I be inspiring and say things like “Take time to make a difference today…”  I guess my point is, the quotes are great to read, but are they just for fun, or are they getting people to do things? Other quotes from Liz:

“Get off your ass and do something good today!”

“In a rutt, take a big step to the right, and get out!”

“It maybe be bullshit, but its my bullshit!”

“Just because other people or slow to change, doesn’t mean you have to be.”

“Simple truth is usually the hardest to swallow.”

“While on the journey to your truest self –  wear your big girl boots.”

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